List of Recommended Travel Agencies in Los Angeles

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travel agencies in Los Angeles

Office workers are tend to be more stressed due to the expectation to complete their works in the most perfect way. With this high pressured environment and exhausting workloads, having a vacation is like finding an oases in burning desert. Simply having vacation on country side or even going abroad and enjoy the new and exciting lifestyle can be a big relieved to all the pressures that has been accumulating for months. But organizing trips are not a simple tasks. You have to book for airline tickets, hotels, and sometimes you need to get a visa, which require extra effort to prepare. To make it simpler, hiring travel agent can be a great solution. However, the expense of a travel agent can be a burden for your saving, especially for those with limited budget. For those who are living in Los Angeles and planning to hire a travel agent, we will give brief reviews about several travel agencies in Los Angeles.

Elite Travel International is one of the most recommended travel agencies in Los Angeles. With Savvy Stacy Small as the brain of this company, this agency is a luxury firm that is affiliated with Virtuoso. This company has a global client base of CEOs, entertainment, entrepreneurs, media and business moguls, and financiers. This company became Virtuoso’s Most Innovative Travel Advisor in 2013. It owner, Small, is on Travel + Leisure’s 2015 “A-List” and was the only travel advisor on “USA Today’s Top 10 Travel Tweeters to Follow”. The owner is an expert in travel field, supervising more than 20 contractors from Los Angeles to London. The company specializes in high-end and high-level vacations for both business and leisure trips from Europe to South America to Hawaii, the South Pacific, and Africa.

The next travel agency is Excel Worldwide travel. As one of the recommended travel agencies in Los Angeles, this company is the most suitable for beginner travelers who want to experience the best and the most unforgettable traveling experience. The staffs are very experience in travel arrangements and they offer the kindest service that will help you with everything, from reserving the right hotel to telling about trivial information such as the needs for adaptors for your gadgets to keep your device working at the destination you will be visiting. This is surely a good news for novice travelers who barely know anything about traveling.

Martin’s Travel and Tours is also recognized one of the most trusted travel agencies in Los Angeles. The founder and the president of the company, Susan Tanzman, is known for her trustworthy performance, especially by veteran travelers. This agency can handle both regular travel and special trips with a lot of care and details. This company has the ability to recognize all the important thing that is needed by the client and choose locations that will exceed the expectations. Working in a business that often have travelers stressed from organizing and planning, with its valuable service, this company certainly shines compared to other travel agency.